Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sheep and Donkeys for Sale!

Don't forget to check out our recently updated For Sale page on our website.  We've listed four unregistered 2010 lambs for sale for $300 each.  You can see their photos on the site.  We may be willing to part with some of our older registered ewes as well, so if you're interested, just send us an email at  Also, we've got our 9 month old jack donkey for sale, "Batman."  He's a sweetheart and will come right up to you and eat out of your hand. 

Holiday Overview

We had such a great holiday this year.  It was our first Christmas with Pla Shee, and really the first Christmas that Kai could actually participate in the fun.  We spent time here at home and made a quick trip to Houston and Giddings to wind up the holidays.

Christmas morning at our house.  Pla Shee's favorite gift:  Woody doll from Toy Story; Kai's favorite gift:  a green plastic dump truck.  The truck is not really meant to be ridden on, but Kai seems to find a way.

We went down to Houston to watch Baylor get slaughtered by Illinois in the Texas Bowl.  We took the loss as a moral victory since it was the first bowl game Baylor has been to since Aaron was a freshman in college!  We had such a fun time hanging out with Mom and Dennis, but it makes me sad that we don't live closer to them so that we could hang out more often.  We spent an afternoon in Galveston so that the boys could see the beach and also went ice skating one day, which has now become Pla Shee's favorite thing to do.  He seems to be a natural at most things he tries--like a "renaissance boy" of sorts!  :)

Later, we headed to Giddings where we explored the farm on the Gator, fed the cows, uncovered buried "treasures" in the old homestead (Aaron's grandparents' old house on the farm that has been vacant for 25 years), and visited with MeMe, Grandma Betty and Ken.

It was a whirlwind of a holiday, and now we're back into the whirlwind of school and work.  In fact, I'm off to Tampa this afternoon for a research conference, so my boys are on their own this weekend. :)