Sunday, September 6, 2009


We were invited to a "Thank you Jesus Party" this afternoon with the Karen refugees in Garland.  Not exactly sure what a party of this sort would entail, we nonetheless showed up enthusiastically and waited for the fun to begin.  While the adults were preparing the feast, we entertained the kids outside with a bunch of bubbles we picked up at the dollar store.  The bubbles were a huge hit, though all of us ended up a sticky mess.  Turns out a "Thank you Jesus Party" is a church service led by the Karen minister in an apartment packed with Karen refugees.  While we couldn't understand the words they were saying, the experience itself was incredibly spiritual, and we felt honored to be invited.  The meal that followed was absolutely phenomenal.  Sort of like a Karen version of Pho, the Vietnamese noodle soup, in a way.  Each person is presented with a bowl of noodles (like fettucini) that you then "doctor" with various toppings:  cilantro, lime, green onions, dried onions, peppers, and salt.  Then you douse it all with a big helping of coconut milk curry.  It was incredible and I wish I could eat it every day.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Crazy moth!

This HUGE moth was on one of the lilies that bloomed yesterday.  It was seriously enormous.  At first we thought it was a bird, but when we got closer, we could tell it was the mother of all moths.  It had a tongue that was twice as long as its body.  Too bad you can't see that in the picture.  This critter is truly the bohemoth of the insect world.  I am a little in awe and a lot grossed out.