Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!

We've had a VERY busy couple of weeks here at the farm. Another set of twins was born, and just the other day, a beautiful black baby ram arrived. We've had our hands full with all of the new babies. We're bottle feeding the second set of twins because their mom, Sigourney, wishes that she were still foot loose and fancy free, so to speak. She is not very interested in giving them the time of day. Because we're bottling them, they LOVE us. They follow us around everywhere, and come when we call them. Absolutely irresistable. You can check their pics out on our For Sale page.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More New Babies!

It seems that we're running a nursery here at One World Farm lately! On Friday Sheldon, our Babydoll Sheep, had twins--a girl and a boy. They are so tiny, and absolutely adorable. We got home from work at about 5 or so and when we pulled up, Aaron shouted "We have lambs"! I thought he was joking. But there they were, two tiny new babies! We rushed in the house to get towels to dry them off and then made a frantic phone call to Meredith, my sister who's in vet school at Virginia Tech, so she could give us advice. It is awesome to have a sister in vet school so that we can ask her all of our dumb questions about our menagerie. She's very patient with us.

The bad news is that while we were busy worrying about the new baby lambs, one of the baby goats got stomped on by Daphne the donkey. She just decided to attack him all of the sudden. Byt the time I was able to get to rescue him she had stomped on his leg. So it appears that he now has a broken leg. We splinted it and are hoping that it will fix itself with time. Poor little thing. I feel awful for him.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Babies!

Matilda had her babies on Thursday! It was so exciting, and she did a great job. All we did was provide moral support and she did all the hard work herself. We were hoping for a girl, but got two adorable twin boys instead. They are really cute, and because they are half nubian and half la mancha, they have the silliest looking little elf ears.